The EMMETT technique for dogs uses a light-touch muscle release therapy which has been shown to ease pain and discomfort, increase movement and improve quality of life.


What is EMMETT Technique for Dogs?

EMMETT 4 Dogs (and small animals) uses a light-touch muscle release technique which can have numerous benefits and it is easy and fun to learn.

It is very gentle and great for dogs of all ages including elderly canines.

As well as treating dogs and small animals, I also run the introductory workshop where dog owners can learn this simple technique to benefit their dogs.

I am an EMMETT 4 Dogs Instructor and runs Practitioner Courses in Yorkshire and other areas of the UK. Please see Emmett-uk.co.uk for more details.

    Benefits of EMMETT 4 Dogs:

    • Pain Relief – injuries due to sports or accidents. It helps increase movement, enhance performance, balance and can ultimately improve your dog’s behaviour.
    • Lead/Harness Strain: Dogs often pull on their leads. This may be a normal thing but it does cause strains on their bodies that we mostly don’t notice, but can be a cause of subtle discomfort and pain.
    • Lower Back Distress: Older dogs especially have pain in their lower back. EMMETT 4 Dogs is a very simple, gentle and effective way to relieve such pain and distress in ageing dogs.
    • Behaviour & Performance: This simple technique ultimately helps agility dogs so they can have more freedom in movement and achieve their highest potential in performance. Not only that, the EMMETT technique ensures to improve your dog’s behaviour – dogs who are stress and pain-free behave better.
    • Unbalanced Gait or Stance: An unbalanced gait can cause more problems down the line with strain on the joints and muscles. This non-invasive technique can make dramatic changes to gait and stance enabling the dogs to move more easily and in balance – an effective preventative treatment. This is great for show dogs as they need to move gracefully.