Mcloughlin Scar Tissue Release ® (MSTR)

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® is an innovative, pain-free and natural method of helping you with your scars and the long-lasting deeper effects they may have


Scar Release Work: MSTR

MSTR is an innovative, pain-free, natural method of helping you with your scars. Gentle, finger-tip pressure is applied to the area to help free the restrictions in the scar and the tissues below. No force is involved and the work is always applied within your comfort-levels.

What Scars can do to us …

Scars may have a huge influence on our presenting problems.

They can cause:

  • Restrictions in movement due to restrictions in the underlying fascia
  • Reduction in blood and lymph flow (leading to swelling, poor skin quality and discomfort)
  • Weakened muscle strength
  • Reduction in the flow of energy (qi or chi) which can result in changes in function and sometimes pain.
  • Inhibit joint movement

They may be upsetting to look at and feel due to the traumatic events that created them.

MSTR helps to release the scar tissue, even at a deep level, so improving the range of movement, blood and lymph circulation, encourage healing and often providing permanent pain-relief (associated with the scar).

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® work is suitable for post-surgical scars such as:

  • Mastectomy, lumpectomy etc
  • Appendix, gall bladder etc
  • Hysterectomy
  • C-section
  • Joint replacement scars – knee, hip etc

And may be considered for burn scars, trauma wounds, facial scars, muscle tears etc.